About me

I am Katarína, the creator behind KAT IMAGE and the KAT IMAGE Org. founded in 2012.

I am specializing in natural light portraiture, brand visuals, events, commissioned photography, and the management of FIne Art Print/Gicleé for international clientele.

Born in Czechoslovakia, currently based in Costa del Sol, Spain.

About my work

I consider it a beautiful privilege and a profound responsibility to offer distinctive and highly personalized photographic services. Building a close, trusting relationship with each client is crucial to me, allowing us to document memorable moments together. These are the photographs we can take pride in, sharing and cherishing them for a lifetime.

Utilizing natural light is a cornerstone of my approach, enabling me to capture everyday beauty in a unique and characteristic manner. Its flattering effect on skin tones, textures, and softness is unparalleled. Working with natural light provides flexibility and creativity, allowing me to adapt swiftly as I move along with a client. I prefer to let the magic of the moment unfold rather than rushing or overplanning. Personally, I believe that natural light and an unstaged environment empower me to capture the personality of my clients or the essence of a moment in an attractive way.

The art of photography is an ongoing learning process and a true journey for me. I strive to train my eye and cultivate the vision every day, aspiring to make a real difference. The diversity in my client portfolio continually enriches my skill set and adds value to my expertise, whether it is a small private client or a corporate collaboration. In either case, my goal is to establish a connection and be well aligned to deliver the best of me through images that authentically reflect the personality, the moment, and respect the natural course of events.

In communication, I rely on English, Spanish, Czech, Slovak, and convey visual narratives through the language of photography.

More about me

The KAT IMAGE Vision

Is to be an altruistic, timeless and socially responsible image creator.

My Mision

Is to be the ultimate go-to photographer creating professional, unique, memorable images with enduring appeal to adventurous, art loving international clientele.

Unique & Candid

Photographic sessions of KAT IMAGE are characterized by a natural and informal approach. Clients feel comfortable and are captured as the best version of themselves. This type of photography turns an everyday image into a work of art and a treasure for the future.

Altruistic & Socially Responsible

The KAT IMAGE solidarity projects illustrate a clear and notable commitment to the world to help create better conditions to the most vulnerable ones through our altruistic projects. See more at:



KAT IMAGE offers unique attention to detail and treats all photography like a piece of art regardless if it’s a portrait, landscape or commercial collaboration. A defining feature of KAT IMAGE pieces is their timeless quality; rather than conforming to trends, they endure.

Artistic Approach and Human Centred Soul

What sets KAT IMAGE apart is the ability to create timeless imagery with art and confidence, applying ample experience and highest photographic standards. The empathetic intimate approach is echoed throughout KAT IMAGE work and is reinforced by client feedback.